40th Save the Date - for webOn Wednesday February 13, 2013 the Board of Directors of the Rockland Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependence, Inc. (RCADD) kicked off the Council's 40th Anniversary.


This celebration marked the beginning of a yearlong recognition of the Council's work in Rockland County. RCADD has grown from humble beginnings in an office over a pizzeria to a two suite facility which includes a recovery service area and a high tech training room.

RCADD has developed partnerships with all the sectors of the Rockland community. The Council is able to provide a venue for local coalitions, self-help groups and community education. RCADD's Addiction Professional Training Program has a long legacy of training individuals seeking to enter the addiction field.

The current focus of the Council is to develop services and programs that will support people in addiction recovery. RCADD has an entire suite dedicated to those who are trying to get sober and stay sober. RCADD recovery support staff has developed a large database of services and programs that tindiviudals in early recovery might need.

RCADD also has certified recovery coaches on staff. Recovery Coaches help bridge the gap for those folks new to the recovery community. RCADD team members have been trained and certified to provide the Recovery Coach Academy to community members who are invested in recovery. The Council has planned events that encourage new recoverees to get actively involved in recovery.RCADD GroupBoard of Directors featured in celebration photo are (left to right)Mike Fidlow (Vice President), Annie Quinn, Charles Walker, Laurie Anello (Treasuerer), Rita Brovarski, Fred Murphy (President), Ann Welborn, Dan Pacella, Catherine Armstrong, Ruthie Bowles

This past October RCADD provided support to "National Recovery Day" with a trip to a local ballpark. Each March, the recovery community is invited to a "brunch" at the Council and to celebrate Alcohol Awareness Month. This year RCADD will host a Spring Fling dinner dance.

Since 1973, RCADD has offered information and referral services, community/school- based prevention programs, a professional development training program and family support. In addition, RCADD advocates for those who suffer from addition and those who have recovered.

RCADD's Family Supports Services provide families who need comfort and support in dealing with their loved ones' addiction. A RCADD team member provides families with education on the disease of addiction, information and resources, referral to treatment providers and support groups.

The Council offers early intervention programs for young people. Teen Intervene™ is a three-session program that offers youth and their parents an opportunity to learn healthy communication skills and recognize the importance of establishing family rules surrounding substance use.

RCADD's Underage Drinking/Drugging Diversion program, developed in collaboration with the County District Attorney, provides four sessions of prevention education for youth ordered by the court to attend such sessions as a consequence of their entanglement with the legal system.

The Council has built solid relationships with local school districts and implements evidence model programs such as Project SUCCESS™ and Life Skills Training™ , Girls Circle and a Boys Council, promising practice programs, and provide after-school activities for youth.

The Board of Directors and staff are committed to helping those who are afflicted with this number one public health issue and those issues that surround the disease.

Ruth A. Bowles, Executive Director
Rockland Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependence, Inc.
25 Smith Street, Suite 101/102
Nanuet, NY 10954
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