SPOTLIGHT: New Orleans Affiliate’s Re-Entry Program

SPOTLIGHT: New Orleans Affiliate’s Re-Entry Program

The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans (CADA), offers substance abuse treatment and supportive services for individuals returning to the community following incarceration. It is called CADA Re-entry Program, or CRP.

The aim of CRP is to break the cycle of criminal behavior, substance abuse and recidivism by combining psychoeducational support groups and transitional planning in correctional institutions with effective community-based treatment recovery and reentry-related services.

The program is designed to bridge the gap in aftercare by transitioning from reentry into outpatient substance abuse treatment with a heavy emphasis on individualized case management.

With funding from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), CRP works to expand substance abuse treatment and related health services available to ex-offenders in the community by providing referrals and follow-up to substance abuse treatment programs.

Several community-based organizations are partners with CADA for the program, including a local community college, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, Goodwill, as well as local governmental agencies and task forces, treatment programs and counseling services.

Each participant enrolled in the program receives their own intensive case management services from a licensed counselor prior to release and for up to six months following release from incarceration. Participants are enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program with access to the following services:

  • Comprehensive Screening/Assessment
  • Transition Planning
  • Support Groups
  • Family Education and Support
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Drug Testing
  • HIV/AIDS Testing
  • Viral Hepatitis Testing
  • Referral to Job Training Programs
  • Referral to Educational Programs
  • Referrals for Housing
  • Referrals for Medical Treatment
  • Referral for Mental Health Treatment
  • Assistance Acquiring Health Insurance

To be eligible to participate, the individual must have been incarcerated for a minimum of 90 days, be in need of substance abuse treatment and reside in the Greater New Orleans area. To date, 160 individuals have been enrolled in the program.

One person who went through the program said, “CADA’s program helped me with housing, a job, my health, getting into school. . . , transportation, and more. The only requirement from me has been a willing spirit to achieve my personal goals with a future that doesn’t include drugs or alcohol. Now I feel like a person and not a criminal.”

For more information:
Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans
Director of Clinical Services
504.821.2232, ext 103



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