Spotlight: Sacramento Region Affiliate - “Bridges The Divide” Between Prevention and Faith

19734991-BridgeIn early 2013 NCADD Sacramento embarked on an exciting project to identify those agencies and individuals across the country who are effectively "Bridging the Divide" between prevention and faith.

This project was born out of a connection that NCADD had recently made in the local faith community.

In partnership with a local coalition, NCADD Sacramento assisted in creating a faith based adaptation to an existing prevention program. This adaptation was the spark that led to a pursuit of faith and prevention partnerships doing innovative work across the nation.

In looking for additional partners to help us adapt the existing Strengthening Families Program (SFP) to include a Christian Companion, we were struck by the fact that we had very few resources to draw from that would assist local churches in understanding and applying prevention strategies.

This discovery resulted in a six-month research project designed to uncover the places where faith and prevention intersected successfully. It was our goal to find out what faith-based prevention strategies, trainings and programs were currently being utilized nationally as well as identifying strategies that have proven successful for those in attendance.

In order to showcase our findings as well as to help others who are interested in expanding their prevention work into new populations, the entire project culminated with a four-session webinar series.

The series was designed for faith communities as well as professionals working in the field of prevention to interact with one another while hearing about the innovative work being done around the country.

The lineup of presenters included preventionists with many years of experience such as Karen Hall, the Kentucky Faith-Based Prevention Enhancement Site manager.  Miss Hall's 15 plus years in prevention helped her to manage multiple sites and support activities across the state. Another impressive speaker was Drew Brooks, Executive Director at Faith Partners Inc. whose presentation included a discussion about identifying parallel goals to strengthen the wellbeing of communities.

SAHMSA is also a rich resource for information and we were excited to have Jocelyn Whitfield, Senior Public Health Advisor, Coordinator and Liaison for SAMHSA, join us to discuss all that her office of Faith Based Initiatives is doing to develop coalitions led by faith groups.

Our final webinar will be held November 21st at 11:00(PST) and will feature the Coalition for a Drug Free Cincinnati who recently created a faith based substance abuse prevention toolkit designed to give congregations and prevention leaders simple, specific tools to get them started right away.

Please join us for this webinar or access the previous recordings by clicking here.

For more information, contact Angela Da Re, Director of Prevention at 916-922-5118 ext 211 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Angela Da Re
Director of Prevention
NCADD Sacramento Region
1446 Ethan Way
Sacramento, CA 95825



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