Candyland fullRAD Productions presents "Candyland" a short fashion film, centered on the silent epidemic of the misuse of prescription drugs.

 "Candyland," brings the audience right in on the pill popping experience. Starring Noah Mills (Actor - Face of Dolce & Gabbana) and Roxy Olin (Actress - The City) and written & directed by Jouri Smit. The film twists and turns your view of our dashing producer navigating a typical LA day as he begins to lose his grip on the wheel.

Viewers are invited to screen the film going live on Oct 5th at 9am PST at

According to NCADD President/CEO Robert J. Lindsey, "NCADD has chosen to partner with RAD productions on this important film because of the dramatic increase in the number of prescription drug overdoses, in which, alcohol is a frequent factor." To learn more about Prescription Drugs click here.