Cigna and NCADD Team Up to Present Seminar about MAT

Cigna and NCADD Team Up to Present Seminar about MAT

On Wednesday, August 17, Cigna Behavioral Health presented a seminar on "Medication-Assisted Treatment of Substance Use Disorders," as part of its Drug & Alcohol Awareness Seminar Series.

The seminar discussed how combining traditional drug and alcohol treatment with medications that curb cravings or inactivate drugs’ effects is becoming increasingly common. The seminar helped attendees to learn about what medications are available, and what place medications can play in recovery from substance abuse.

To hear a free replay of the seminar and for a copy of the handout, please click here.

The speakers were Geoffrey Kane, MD, Chair, NCADD Medical-Scientific Committee and Chief of Addiction Services, Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT and Michael Ballue, CADC II, BSBA, Member, NCADD Board of Directors and Chief Strategy Officer, Behavioral Health Services, Inc., Gardena, CA.

NCADD worked with Cigna in setting the topic and putting the seminar together.


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