Cigna and NCADD Team Up to Present Seminar about Women and Alcohol


On Wednesday, August 16, Cigna Behavioral Health presented a seminar on "Women and Alcohol:  Guidelines for Health,” as part of its Substance Use Awareness Seminar Series.

The first portion of the seminar discussed how women who drink heavily or binge drink are at risk of developing a variety of consequences associated with poor health.  One consequence, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, may potentially affect their child.  FASD is the leading known cause of preventable developmental disabilities.

The seminar also discussed how women in recovery have unique physical health needs that can be met by medical professionals combined with peer support. The goal of improving physical health through education and personal wellness practices is an integral component for women to thrive in long-term recovery.

To hear a free replay of the seminar and for a copy of the handout, please click here.

The speakers were Jennifer Faringer, MS.Ed., CPPg, Director, DePaul’s National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence--Rochester Area, Rochester, NY and Heidi J. Gordon, MS, CADC, Criminal Justice Programs Manager, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Doylestown, PA.

NCADD worked with Cigna in setting the topic and putting the seminar together.


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