FASD. The real victims.

37697163-pregnantWhen I was 34 years old, my adoptive mom and dad received a pamphlet on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

My mom called me and tearfully read the symptoms to me.

I possess about 90% of them.

I reached out to a geneticist. The geneticist studied my face, my hands, and my bare feet.

She stated I have a long, thin philtrum, palpebral fissures for both eyes, hockey stick formations on both palms, and my pinky toes were characteristic as well (hypoplasia of the pinky toes, no toenails ever formed). She measured my head. The size is in the 3rd to 10th percentile.

A friend said that friends of hers said she drank every day. The friend told me she was drinking when she went into labor.

You definitely have Fetal Alcohol Effects.

I would say "even Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but without getting to talk to your birth mom, I can't put that as a diagnosis."

At that moment, she told my mom that she had done an amazing job raising me.

My mom answered, "She was our child, and we just gave her lots of love."

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