Legislators Wish to Regulate Powdered Alcohol like Liquid Alcohol

Legislators Wish to Regulate Powdered Alcohol like Liquid Alcohol

Two Wisconsin Democratic state lawmakers have backed away from banning powdered alcohol and instead want to subject it to the same regulations as liquid alcohol.

According to AP, the lawmakers introduced a bill to expand the state's definition of alcohol to include powdered forms.

They indicated that they want to ensure powdered alcohol is covered by the same rules that applied to sale and consumption of liquid alcohol should it arrive in Wisconsin.

They say it poses additional risks because it can be snorted or ingested and the compact packets are easy to hide.

The article notes that the federal government approved a powdered alcohol product called Palcohol in 2015. Since then, states have been scrambling to ban or regulate the products before they hit shelves. At least 25 states had banned the sale of powdered alcohol as of 2015, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Palcohol is not currently sold anywhere in the United States. While Palcohol's website says the product could be on sale as soon as this summer, timing is unknown.

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