Survey Finds Holiday Drinking Leads to High-Risk Behavior

Holiday drinkingOne-fifth of parents with children under age 18 have blacked out after drinking too much at a party, according to a new survey.

One-third of adults who drink at parties admit to driving after consuming too much alcohol, according to the survey commissioned by Caron Treatment Centers.

The survey also found one-third of adults are comfortable with an 18-20 year old drinking at a family holiday party, as long as they have only one glass and are not driving.
The online survey, conducted by Harris Poll, revealed 59 percent of adults age 21 and older who attend holiday parties and drink too much alcohol have engaged in potentially serious and dangerous behavior.

The survey found the majority of those who attend parties have witnessed someone who was "under the influence" at a party arguing with others, using excessive profanity, flirting inappropriately or becoming physically aggressive.

"Alcohol is still one of the deadliest drugs in our society," said Doug Tieman, Caron's President and CEO. "Our culture has normalized substance abuse to the extent that many people don't perceive significant consequences as cause for concern even though they can indicate serious problems. Many of the unintended victims, of course, are our children. We all need to be accountable for our behavior. But if you are an alcoholic, it's unlikely that you can change your behavior without significant help. You will need support to develop the skills and tools to lead a happy and productive life without alcohol."

The NCADD website provide information on alcohol and the dangers associated with over-indulging, especially over the holiday season. If you want to gain additional Understanding of Alcohol and Alcoholism, click here. Or, if you want to know how to Talk With Your Children about alcohol, why not click here.



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