Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans

CADA is a non-profit community health agency, founded in 1960, that provides substance abuse prevention, education, referral and assessment services in both English and Spanish, for youth and adults in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Bernard, Plaquemines and St. Tammany parishes.

Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5pm,CADA staff is available to provide information about substance abuse treatment resources available in the Greater New Orleans area, in both English and Spanish.

Information and Referal Services Call 504 821 CADA (2232)

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To prevent the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances to promote healthy and safe individuals, families, and communities throughout Greater New Orleans. Working with schools, community-based organizations, courts, employers, and others, CADA provides a wide range of substance abuse prevention, assessment, early intervention, and information and referral services for both youth and adults.


Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans

Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans


Substance Abuse Assessments

  • In-depth and personal evaluations to detect alcohol or substance abuse problems
  • Clinically-based, non-biased, and confidential
  • Nationally recognized and standardized assessment tools
  • CADA counselor will determine whether treatment is needed, and provide recommendations and referrals as necessary
  • Assessments are available for adults and adolescents, in both English and Spanish
  • Morning and afternoon appointments available at the CADA office in New Orleans, Monday –Thursday, with evening appointments available on Thursdays
  • Free parking and located on public bus route and street car line

Cost $100 per session

Brief Marijuana Intervention (BMINT)

Designed specifically for individuals experiencing negative impacts related to their marijuana use
Builds skills necessary to achieve marijuana abstinence

Adolescent and Adult versions available

Adult Initial assessment + 10 individual/group sessions

Adolescent Initial assessment + 5 individual/group sessions, based on progress
By appointment only

Initial session $100, then $55 per session

CADA Reentry Program

Offering Substance Abuse Treatment and Supportive Services for those Returning from Incarceration.

he CADA Reentry Program breaks the cycle of criminal behavior, substance abuse and recidivism by combining psychoeducational support groups and transitional planning in correctional institutions with effective community-based treatment, recovery and reentry-related services. With funding from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the CRP works to expand substance abuse treatment and related health services available to ex-offenders in the community by providing referrals and follow-up to substance abuse treatment programs. The CRP is designed to bridge the gap in aftercare by transitioning from reentry into outpatient substance abuse treatment with a heavy emphasis on individualized case management.

Project Transition

A highly successful and well-regarded pre-release program at Nelson Coleman Correctional Center. Project Transition is a comprehensive life-skills program designed to prepare inmates for life after incarceration and reduce the likelihood of recidivism. Project Transition has been certified by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections and participants are eligible for an early release date following completion of the program.

Contact Us for More Information Call 504 821 CADA (2232)

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Adolescent Substance Abuse Education Program

8-hour alcohol/drug education program designed to inform adolescents about the risks and consequences involved in drug and alcohol use
Caters to all stages from prevention to experimentation and focuses on helping the adolescent understand the process of addiction as
well as the consequences that various substances can have on their lives
By appointment only

Adult Substance Abuse Education Program

Multi-session program designed to inform adults about the risks of alcohol and drug use and misuse
Satisfies probation/parole requirements and other court mandated classes
Topics Include:

  • Physiological Effects o f Substance Abuse
  • Addiction and the Brain
  • Genetic Influences
  • Decision Making and Goal Setting
  • Role of Denial;
  • Relationship Awareness
  • Anger Management
  • StressManagement
  • Alternatives to Substance Abuse
  • Binge Drinking

Thursdays, 5:30-7:30 PM  Cost $35 per session

Underage Drinking Program

Underage Drinking Program covering:

  • AlcoholConsumption
  • Truth and Consequences

Six-hour course designed to educate adolescentsand young adults on the dangers of underage drinking
Meets requirements for schools, juvenile diversion programs, and other court/school mandated education classes.
Day and evening classes available. Class Cost - $100

DWI/Driver Improvement Class

Six-hour class designed to educate individuals on the dangers of alcohol use, drinking and driving, and driver safety
Meets requirements for probation, parole, and other court mandated driver education classes
Classes held at our New Orleans office and St.Charles Parish Court House, during day and evening hours. Class Cost - $100

Contact Us for More Information Call 504 821 CADA (2232)

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One-Time School & Community Presentations

CADA Educators can make presentations to educate community and school groups about the dangers of substance abuse.

Active Parenting

Evidence-based program for parents who want to improve their parenting skills. Gives parents confidence and courage to meet the challenges of their children’s teen years.

Too Good for Drugs

Evidence-based program with separate developmentally appropriate curricula for grades k-12 that builds on previous years, helping skills develop sequentially

Contact Us for More Information Call 504 821 CADA (2232)

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Facing Addiction and The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) are proud to announce the merger of our organizations – creating a national leader in turning the tide on the addiction epidemic.
The merged organization will be called:

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