Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc.

ECCPASA Council Values

  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency are diseases that can be prevented and/or treated
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependent persons and their families have value and can be helped.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abusing/Dependent persons and their families are entitled to help.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Dependency are Public Health Problems and therefore prevention, treatment, and recovery are public responsibilities.

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The Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc. (ECCPASA) will deliver research-driven education, prevention, intervention programs and services to promote and support the health and wellness of individuals, families and communities by focusing on solutions to alcohol and other drug misuse, addiction, and unhealthy behaviors.

ECCPASA will provide leadership to fight the stigma associated with addiction through public education, policy awareness, liaison with health professionals and recovering communities, and by providing objective information, referral, and linkages to those in need.


Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc.

Erie County Council


Challenging College Alcohol Abuse

Challenging College Alcohol Abuse (CCAA) is a social norms and environmental management program aimed at reducing high-risk drinking and related negative consequences among college students (18 to 24 years old). It is a successful evidence-based program.

Fetal Alcohol & Drug Effects

ECCPASA’s Fetal Alcohol & Drug Effects (FADE) programs offer a positive approach to meeting the challenges of prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs through prevention, education and awareness presentations and training sessions.

Focus on Consequences

Our adolescent program provides a brief educational intervention for those 14-21 years old using motivational interviewing and through follow ups for continued client support. Our adult program serves people age 21 or older. For many, a brief intervention can initiate a process of self-reflection conducive to behavioral change.

Programs for Parents

Time and time again surveys of teens indicate that parents can and do make an enormous difference in influencing their children's perceptions of tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drug use. ECCPASA's Parent Programs help stat these conversations.

Social Skills Program

The social skills programs are designed for students in elementary though high schools and offer primary prevention curricula for the development of social and life skills. 

Strengthening Families Program

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a national model and is the first research-based parenting program specifically designed for parents (with children ages six to 14 years old) working to overcome substance abuse.

Student Assistance Prevention Counseling Program

The Student Assistance Prevention Counseling (SAPC) Program is a licensed prevention counseling program by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. It utilizes a multidisciplinary approach and intervention system to remove barriers hindering educational and personal development.

Teen Intervene

Teen Intervene (TI) is an evidence-based program both nationally (SAMHSA) and in New York State (NYS Registry of Effective Prevention Programs). The current model is implemented in various schools during the school day. ECCPASA counseling staff receives referrals from school professionals or parents for various reasons. TI was developed to bridge the gap between intervention and substance abuse treatment for adolescents ages 14-19. The intervention is designed to be brief, cost effective, and developmentally appropriate for youth who are more likely to be receptive to self-guided behavioral changes.


Public Education and Advocacy

ECCPASA provides a variety of Public Education & Advocacy programs and presentations geared toward the classroom, non-profit agencies and the workplace.


Facing Addiction and The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) are proud to announce the merger of our organizations – creating a national leader in turning the tide on the addiction epidemic.
The merged organization will be called:

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