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Our Mission is

To promote public understanding of alcoholism and drug dependence as treatable and preventable diseases. The disease of addiction is everywhere – from the homeless shelter and the prison to the corporate boardroom and the rural farm town – from the local church and the emergency room, to the medical school to the grade school – from the city streets and the suburban bedroom, to the corner office and the senior center. With approximately one in ten Americans suffering from this fatal, progressive illness, every aspect of our community is affected. NCADD Sacramento believes that given the right tools, recovery is possible for many alcoholics and addicts. We can even help prevent the onset of the disease in young people.

Just as the problems associated with addiction permeate our community, the solutions associated with recovery can benefit all of us as well. The more we support recovery in our community, the more the community benefits from its fruits – stronger, healthier families, a more productive economy, safer streets, less crime, more efficient health care system, and the promise of hope.

To fulfill our mission, NCADD Sacramento takes a holistic approach to the issues of addiction and recovery, understanding that different members of the community can get involved in different ways. The addict facing jail time needs a tough, high quality treatment program; while the ten year old who sees ads on the internet making alcohol look “cool” needs a good prevention program. The doctor who first notices a potential problem needs education and training on substance abuse topics; a family member needs information on where to go for help, and the person in early recovery might want to join as activist group organizing on recovery topics. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know how they can participate.


Sacramento County Parolee Services Network offers a full continuum of substance abuse treatment services including

  • Detoxification Service
  • Residential Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Transitional Living Supportive Housing

General Outpatient Services

NCADD Sacramento provides intensive outpatient treatment services for those who are not assessed as needing a residential program. Whether self-referred, CPS referred or sent by the criminal justice system to address addiction issues, weekly individual and group sessions are available days and evenings.  


NCADD, Sacramento Affiliate

NCADD, Sacramento Affiliate


Information, Referrals and Hopeline

Through confidential phone referrals - speak privately to one of our caring and knowledgeable staff members, to find the appropriate referrals needed. We also offer crisis intervention with same day appointments with our crisis intervention team.

Education, Organizing and Outreach

To reduce the stigma of alcoholism and drug addiction and improve the opportunities for long term recovery, we must change public attitudes and perceptions about alcoholism and drug addiction, and educate decision makers about the potential of recovery. We do this through support for alumni groups of NCADD programs, participation in coalitions, letter and testimony on topics of the day, and public events and presentations in the community.

Professional Evaluations

The NCADD offers low-cost, professional, substance abuse evaluations for any purpose. We work directly with the Sacramento County Family Court Services, Child Protective Services and others who are in need of such an evaluation.


Family-based Prevention: Strengthening Families Program (SFP): Open to the community and all NCADD program participants, this evidence-based, best-practice prevention program serves children and youth between the ages of 6-16 years old and their families. This program helps families vulnerable to substance abuse problems recover together through a 14 week curriculum of children and youth activities, parent/caregiver sessions and group session with the whole family.

Options for Recovery – Perinatal Program

In collaboration with the Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Services Division and Volunteers of America, the NCADD provides intensive outpatient services to the counties most vulnerable population – women who are pregnant or parenting and have substance abuse and mental health issues. Our Options for Recovery Program is part of a continuum of care provided to the women and children. In conjunction with specialized alcohol and drug treatment services, NCADD will also be providing trauma-based “Seeking Safety” curriculum, which is a best-program. Along with these services the Options for Recovery Program will provide parenting and life skills classes, family prevention programming, co-occurring disorder group and individual counseling.

Parolee Services Network (PSN)

Case management services along with Out Patient treatment is provided to clients who meet the criteria for Parolee Services Network. Male and female treatment slots are available for Parolee Services Network (PSN) clients. In addition, dual diagnosis and trauma informed services are included in the continuum of care.

Coalition Building

NCADD is a community leader in coalition building and collaboration. We believe that healthy communities are those in which we all support the wellness of our community members.


Drug Diversion Education Program

First-time drug offenders are referred by the courts and probation to this fee-for-service education program. Participants are required to be drug tested, strict attendance in individual and group counseling, involvement in traditional self-help program and other activities.


Facing Addiction and The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) are proud to announce the merger of our organizations – creating a national leader in turning the tide on the addiction epidemic.
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