I Discovered a Whole New Part of Me

Once I turned 30, I began to notice that most of my peers didn’t drink as much and as frequently as I did. The way I “controlled” my drinking was through binging. I would not drink for a series of days knowing that Saturday night I would allow myself no limits. On those nights, I would drink all night, ingest whatever drugs I was offered, throw up publicly and behave completely inappropriately. Even during this time, I thought I just needed to blow off steam. I am simply a fun person who likes to have a good time.

It wasn’t until after my last disastrous bender when I blacked out and woke up with no front teeth that I realized “I have a serious problem!”

Now, I am learning how to cope with life without drinking and drugging, which initially I thought would be a death sentence. But it has been completely the opposite. I have discovered a whole new part of me. A part that I am proud of. I have learned how to open up, be honest, and most importantly how to ask for help.

Steven, 37

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Sunday, 26 May 2019

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