Peeling The Onion

The darkest days of my mental illness and addiction were spent hopeless in a bathroom throwing up and frantically stuffing my mouth with food. My struggle with anorexia, bulimia, over-exercising, and compulsive and destructive behaviors began at too young of an age. I can remember that I took my first drink at the age of 12, and at age nine I began to realize that by not eating and exercising I could lose weight.

I took all of my behaviors to the extreme, not knowing where the beginning or the end was. I lived a life of unconscious for a very long time. However, age 18 is when I began my journey of sobriety, and then at age 27 emotional sobriety. I am now 28, I have still more work to do, but I now realize my behaviors are a result of my beliefs of myself.

I now make CHOICES everyday to stay positive. I now own my own business, am a therapist, and have high ambitions for my future that do not involve limiting beliefs of behaviors. I am free, I am a survivor!  


Sarai Darbandi

Tucson, AZ


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