Addiction was nothing new to my family. There's a long line of alcoholics and my parents had been through this all with my brother years before me. The first time my parents dealt with addiction, they lost their son. I lost my brother, my niece lost his father, a small community lost a beloved friend. He was the kind of person that lit up a room no matter how dark it was. A truly amazing human being.

My moment of truth came as I sat on my bed, crying and alone, holding my brothers t-shirt. My boyfriend had been arrested and incarcerated the very day I found out we were going to be parents! In walked my niece, beautiful and innocent but with pain in her eyes. "It's okay if you miss daddy, I miss him too!" That moment, I decided my child would never have to feel that pain. I checked myself into detox the next day, March 15th 2011. I've been opioid free since that day. In 35 days I'll be a college graduate and I have the pleasure of raising my saving grace every single day!

Jessica, sober since 2011
New York